1. Commissions are undertaken on a first come first served basis. A photograph should be sent by email or post for any commissioned portrait. If the photograph supplied by the client is not satisfactory or if the client wishes, the artist can take the photograph arranged at a reasonable cost based on mileage and time. Once the size and pose has been agreed, the client will be given an estimated time as to when the picture will be completed and the cost.

2. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the cost of the picture is required before commencement. This is to cover the materials and setting up.

3. A photograph of the painting will be sent or emailed to the client once the picture is completed. At this stage the client reserves the right to request any reasonable changes which they may require. There may be an additional charge should the changes result in substantial amendments that were not discussed before the work commenced.

4. Every effort will be made to keep within the agreed cost of the picture. If the client requires additional work, then the artist will check with the client first for agreement for the additional cost, if necessary.

5. Once the finished painting has been approved, full payment will be required. The painting will only be released once the payment is cleared.

6. In the unlikely event the client is not willing to pay for the work, the deposit will be withheld by the artist and the work will remain the property of the artist.

7. The artist wishes the unique experience of commissioning an orginal work to be a pleasant process for both parties. Therefore, a degree of flexibility and fairness is expected at all times by both parties.

8. A framing service can be provided for a work prior to delivery. A local framing company provides reasonably priced frames. The frame can be decorated to complement the painting or decorated to suit the client’s taste.

9. A small fee for time and travel to the framing company by the artist will be charged in addition to the framer’s time and materials.

10. Should the client wish, the picture can be delivered either by professional special delivery or if required by hand. A charge will be made accordingly to cover the cost.


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